What is it?

Those Who Play is a narrative focused Role Playing system that allows storytellers and players to play whatever setting their little hearts desire. From bog-standard fantasy to collaborative time travel rom-coms.

Every inch of it is designed to be comfortable for newcomers which makes it the perfect gateway game.

What’s so good about that?

For those new to the world of roleplaying it is quick to learn and does not require that massive upfront cost of certain RPGs (cough D&D cough). 

It also means that you don’t have to find the disposable income and time to buy and learn a new system. Not to mention the pain of [TRIGGER WARNING] teaching players how to use a system!

Coupled with the setting books, optional new mechanics, and just about anything else that can be crammed into a blog post or PDF then you’ve got yourself a game that won’t just end up at the bottom of the pile.

Okay, I’m interested but where do I get it?

You can buy Those Who Play from the products page for £12.99 and it will be posted within 2 days (delivery times depend on how moody the courier is) and to tide you over you will be given a PDF copy for free!

Or you can buy a PDF copy for £5 and start gaming right now!